Realty & Infra Facts news portal & magazine established in 2012 with prime focus to provide accurate, innovative and timely information about the the real estate, property, construction & the infrastructure sectors.

Realty & Infra Facts Magazine is India’s leading news portal & magazine for nation builders. We publishes and distributes news, market reports from the real estate, property experts, construction & the infrastructure sectors such as real estate construction, housing infrastructure, road infrastructure, power infrastructure, telecom infrastructure, agriculture infrastructure, transport infrastructure, trade, port & airport infrastructure and brings you latest product information, construction technology and specifications of construction equipment, trucks, and attachments for the building construction professional.


  • Top ranking in google search ( 40%  traffic share in real estate news )
  • 30,000 magazine circulation
  • 5 Lakh+ page views per month.
  • 50,000+ followers across all social media platforms like FB, Twitter, Tumbler, in etc.
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National home buyers use online services more than any other media to research the status of their local market and locate a new home.

Private investors rely heavily on online information to gauge where their next investment will be and which country or city is likely to be the next hot spot.

Institutional investors rely heavily on market information to decide where their next big investment will be.

Estate agents put more emphasis on online than any other media offering as part of their ongoing marketing campaigns.

Key decision makers – people searching for online real estate earn above average salaries, are sophisticated business decision makers and typically research products and shop online.

Industry professionals such as constructors, surveyors, planners and architects rely on various online tools to provide up to date and critical information used in their services.

General interest. Today, everyone has a story to tell about how real estate has affected their life.

Readership Profile (76% of readers are consumers and third party stakeholders like the banks, financial institutions, and investors )


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